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"Thoughtful, honest,

and in my opinion, a realistic insight into the many different faces of autism."


"It was a great conversation starter!"


"The movie was absolutely incredible and eye opening."

"I even went home and told my husband he needs to watch the movie as soon as it’s released."

IN A DIFFERENT  KEY is slated for a national television broadcast in the US in late 2022. Before that, we are licensing the film to partner organizations for one-time screenings for their own community audiences.

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Partners who have joined with us (see below) are experiencing the impact, especially in the conversations that follow with self-advocates, elected officials, law enforcement officers, educators, health care professionals and parents.

All have seen the film start conversations that strengthen the sense of community that is so central to accepting and supporting people on the spectrum.

To get in touch about hosting
a private screening 
click HERE


screening events can be

in-person, virtual,

or both. And can include

personal appearances by

filmmakers Caren Zucker

and John Donvan.

Our team provides template graphics for tickets and invitations

Join our growing community of screening partners

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