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 Reviews and Media

"IN A DIFFERENT KEY strikes chords that resonate with compassion and humanity ... and opens wide the portals of perception regarding not only autistic behavior but also, and perhaps more crucially, our society's behavior."

           BroadwayWorld  (LINK)

'In A Different Key': Film about autism wins best documentary prize at Oxford festival

Daily Journal (LINK)

"...a polished piece of professional filmmaking, with a score by Wynton Marsalis, no less."    PHOENIX magazine  (LINK)

"The film brought me laughter, tears and growing insight into a condition that remains a mystery as vast as the human mind and as impactful as the human soul."

The Clarion-Ledger (LINK)

Filmmaker Media Appearances 

Previewing "In A Different Key," a documentary on the history of autism

                                                CONNECTIONS (WXXI-FM)    51 minutes (LINK)

                                           'In a Different Key' Explores Autism

                                                     KUAF-FM  11 minutes (LINK)

Journalists share autism documentary at metro screening

                                                              WHO  TV News  (LINK)

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